Boulder has taken the historic opportunity to create Colorado's 30th publicly-owned Light & Power Utility. It's time for local control, less coal and energy innovation. Thanks for voting YES on 2B & 2C!

About Us

Citizens for Boulder’s Clean Energy Future (CBCEF), creators of the website, is a concerned volunteer citizen group working to support ballot measures 2B and 2C. We grew out of our successful campaign, “Yes on 2B,” a measure that passed in November 2010 by a 2 to 1 margin.

The Numbers

Over the past six months we have learned that a local energy utility can reduce our carbon emissions by 60%, increase the percentage of renewables by 40%, all while keeping our rates at parity or lower than those charged by Xcel.

Get Involved

Yes on 2B and 2C is a grassroots, volunteer citizen effort. We believe Boulder can take control of its own energy future and successfully run an electric utility as have 29 other entities in Colorado.

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“I Believe in my Community” by Give Boulder the Power

WATCH: Vote YES on 2B & 2C Including: Blake Jones, CEO Namaste Solar Alex Bogusky,...

“This One is a Biggie” Give Boulder the Power

WATCH: Vote YES on 2B & 2C Including: Ted Rose, Managing Partner, Gravity...

Sam Weaver of answers question on “stranded costs”.

WATCH: Sam Weaver of answers question on “stranded costs”.

I Want…

WATCH: I Want… a Yes on 2B/2C PSA by the Boulder Smarter Energy Coalition.

Ken Regelson of Presentation: Yes on 2B/2C

Watch: Ken Regelson of 4 min. presentation: Yes on 2B/2C!

Sam Weaver of Presentation: Yes on 2B/2C

WATCH:Sam Weaver of 5 min. presentation: Yes on 2B/2C!

Frank Selto: Financial Modeling for Renewable Energies

WATCH: Frank Selto former professor of accounting at the University of Colorado explains...

Sam Weaver Presents to City Council

WATCH: Sam Weaver, President of Cool Energy, explains “rate parity” to City...

Charles McGlashan, “Can Boulder Learn from Marin?”

WATCH: Supervisor Charles McGlashan shares Marin County’s experience solving a...

Randy Knight, City Manager of Winter Park, Florida

WATCH: Randy Knight, City Manager from Winter Park, FL presents their cities success with...

PLAN-Boulder Municipalization Debate

WATCH: PLAN-Boulder County held the first municipalization debate August, 22nd 2011 at...

WATCH: Four Experts Discuss Municipalization

WATCH: Four top energy experts from around the US address the city of Boulder’s...