Boulder has the leadership and experience to drive energy innovation under a local electric utility.

Posted on Sep 6, 2011

60% Reduction in Greenhouse Gas Emissions.  This could be achieved within a few years with at least 40% renewables, AND with startup rates that must not exceed Xcel’s existing rates at the time. And we lay the foundation for 80% to 100% renewables to come. But if it is determined the municipal utility can’t beat Xcel’s rates, the process will be halted.

The Muni Advantage: Stable Rates, Greater Reliability, Competitive Bidding.  Most of the other 29 Colorado municipal utilities enjoy lower rates than we pay and with reliability that has our neighbors smiling. ( ) Rates are lower in part because municipal utilities don’t have to generate profits for shareholders and don’t have huge corporate expenses. Cities like Lyons, Longmont, Fort Collins, Colorado Springs and Aspen enjoy local control where citizen voices can be heard and new ideas can be implemented quickly. For example, Fort Collins has reliability far better than we have, mostly because their wires are 99% underground. Fort Collins is also innovating “Fort ZED” – a net zero energy district featuring renewables and efficiency for the downtown and University core. Municipal utilities have a better record for reliability and response time than large investor-owned utilities.  Municipal Utilities can get competitive bids from suppliers of electricity and from experienced professional utility management companies.

Local Control, Experienced Professional Management. Decisions will be made by professional utility managers overseen by a local Utility Board, which in turn is overseen by elected officials that you can talk to and if unresponsive vote out of office. We can use the competitive free market to get the best price on power from sources that minimize their environmental impact.

Yes votes on 2B & 2C may well be the biggest environmental, social, and economic opportunities of the next 100 years. With the knowledge earned here we can export the expertise to make the world a better, safer, cleaner, richer environment.