About Us

Citizens for Boulder’s Clean Energy Future (CBCEF), creators of the RenewablesYES.org website, is a concerned volunteer citizen group working to support ballot measures 2B and 2C. We grew out of our successful campaign, “Yes on 2B,” a measure that passed in November 2010 by a 2 to 1 margin. Due to our efforts, more than 68% of voters approved replacing the utility franchise fee enabling Boulder to explore clean energy options over the next five years.

During the past year, our independent citizen group has devoted thousands of volunteer hours to analyze and model the feasibility of Boulder running its own electric utility. We shared the independent technical team’s findings with City staff whose parallel findings support Boulder moving forward to controlling our electricity supply. Our technical team has experience working at local, national, and international levels in energy and financial modeling and is comprised of local engineers, renewable energy experts, and financial analysts including:

Technical and Financial Team:

  • Ken Anderson, Phd – Electrical/Optical Engineering
  • Tom Asprey, Electrical Engineer
  • Joe Breddan, PhD – Systems Engineering
  • Lisa Buchanan, MS Hydrology
  • John Glassmire, Energy Systems Engineer, HOMER Energy
  • Jonathon Hondorf, JHI Design
  • Joe D McDonald, CPA, Chief Financial Officer (Retired), Boulder Community Hospital
  • Charlie Olness, eGauge Systems
  • Steve Pomerance, Former City Council member
  • Ken Regelson, Engineer, Five Star Consulting
  • Lynn Segal, Ultrasound Medical Imager
  • Todd Stewart, Solar Developer
  • Phil Wardwell, Retired Environmental Attorney
  • Sam Weaver, Team Co-Lead, Cool Energy
  • Steve Whitaker, Continental Control System

The CBCEF Steering Committee:

  • Tom Asprey, Electrical Engineer, Hewlett-Packard/Intel (retired)
  • Ruth Blackmore, PLAN-Boulder County
  • Bill Briggs, PhD, Treasurer, University of Colorado, Denver applied mathematics (retired)
  • Alison Burchell  – Senior Geologist, Environmental Geochemist – NTS Group
  • Steve Fenberg, New Era Colorado
  • Leslie Glustrom, Biochemist, Public Utilities Commission Intervener
  • Jim Hartman, Architect, Solar Developer, Hartman Ely Associates
  • Chris Hoffman, Ecopsychologist, Organization Consultant
  • Steve Pomerance, Mathematician, Former Boulder City Council
  • Ken Regelson, Engineer, Renewable Energy Consultant
  • Julie Zahniser, Communications Coordinator

The CORE Citizen Group comprises more than 30 Boulder citizens. Current and past City Council members, other elected officials, businesses, and hundreds of citizens have endorsed YES on 2B and 2C.