What People Are Saying

KC Becker
Not passing 2B and 2C would be a huge missed opportunity to further evaluate municipalization. This path towards localizing our energy decisions gives us the best chance to seriously address our commitment to reduce greenhouse gases and is an exciting way to create economic benefit for the city.
KC Becker Member, Boulder City Council
Micah Walker Parkin
If you care about reducing carbon emissions, improving our children’s health and environment, and protecting our local economy and long-term rate stability, vote yes on 2B and2C! Voting no eliminates our options, leaving us stuck with Xcel’s poor investments in dirty and costly coal for the foreseeable future. This is the crucial next step for our community to take control of our energy supply decisions and create a more sustainable future we can be proud of!”
Micah Walker Parkin Regional Organizer for 350.org
John Farrell
The plan to municipalize the local electricity system is the surest way to maximize the local economic benefits of clean energy, to create the most local jobs, and to ensure a “Boulder first” energy future.
John Farrell Institute for Local Self-Reliance
Steve Ruby
Boulder has the power and the desire to be all it can be. 2B and 2C let us control our power future! Worth the money and the time. Ask Winter Park Florida, they were glad they did it!”
Steve Ruby Owner, Aqua Care Solar
Greg Ching
Boulder understands the connection between fossil fuels and climate change. Grid parity for renewables is right around the corner. Even now, wind beats fossil fuels for many utilities. Measure 2B & 2C are a step in the right direction toward getting off fossil fuels sooner and avoiding inevitable carbon taxes while creating local jobs. It’s the right fiscal move for the long term.
Greg Ching Chief Sustainability Officer,The Solar Gardens Institute
Albert A. Bartlett
There’s no question in my mind that voting yes on 2B & 2C will lead to more renewable energy and more local jobs. The nation is watching Boulder, seize the moment!
Albert A. Bartlett Professor Emeritus in Nuclear Physics, University of Colorado
Susan Osborne
Approving 2B and 2C will allow us to determine the real costs, and ensure that if we go forward with a ‘muni’, it will be a sound decision both fiscally and environmentally.
Susan Osborne Mayor, City of Boulder
Neal Lurie
There’s no question in my mind that voting yes on 2B & 2C will lead to more renewable energy and more local jobs. The nation is watching Boulder, seize the moment!
Neal Lurie Executive Director, Colorado Solar Energy Industries Association
Van Jones
The political climate and the environmental climate conspire to make [Boulder] a solar mecca where you get a chance to show the jobs, the savings, the entrepreneurship, and the innovation to the whole country. This is an extraordinary opportunity.
Van Jones Founder, Green For All
Hunter Lovins
Boulder has the opportunity to take control of its energy future. When Boulder municipalizes it can implement CLEAN contracts that cut costs, create jobs and empower citizens to build community resilience. It’s time for Boulder to lead.
Hunter Lovins Author and Founder National Capitalism Solutions
Stan Garnett
2B / 2C is a great demonstration of what our community can accomplish when we work together.
Stan Garnett District Attorney
Sandy Butterfield
I believe Boulder municipalization is an opportunity to control our energy future, keep Boulder revenue in the city and give the citizen’s of Boulder energy options that would otherwise be impossible.
Sandy Butterfield Boulder Wind Power
Ray Tuomey
An old Chinese proverb says that the best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago; the second best time is now. Let’s make up for lost time and pass 2B/2C to make Boulder a leader in the new clean energy economy.
Ray Tuomey Namaste Solar
Eric Lombardi
Boulder is a very creative community, but we’re being held back by Xcel. We can innovate in energy just as we have in open space, recycling, alternative transportation, and land use. We should take control of our energy future.
Eric Lombardi Executive Director, Eco-Cycle
Bill McKibben
It’s exciting to hear that Boulder is taking firm control of its own energy destiny. It’s something we’re going to have to do all over the country to have any hope of dealing with our carbon mess. Local food–and local electrons!
Bill McKibben Author & Founder of 350.org
Michael D. Haughey
Municipalization in Boulder is an important step and example for the rest of Colorado toward increasing use of renewable energy, local control, reducing pollution, and providing local employment and economic development.
Michael D. Haughey Silvertip Integrated Engineering