About 2B & 2C

This Fall 2011, citizens of Boulder, Colorado will have an historic opportunity to continue toward a community-controlled electric utility that maintains low rates, achieves high reliability and produces local jobs. Moreover, we can accomplish all this and reduce our greenhouse has emissions by using greater amounts of renewable energy. With 29 municipal utilities in Colorado, we know Boulder with its considerable local expertise can be Colorado’s 30th city which manages its own electricity generation. Voters, take control of your city’s energy future by voting Yes on 2B and 2C.
Yes on 2B

To Increase and Extend the Utility Occupation Tax

Saying YES will fund the legal, financial and technical analysis necessary to determine the feasibility of Boulder controlling its own utility. These funds, approximately$1/month per residence, can only be spent on Boulder’s municipal utility.
Yes on 2C

To Create a Light and Power Utility

This authorizes through the City Charter to establish language for operating and governing a Boulder “Light and Power” Municipal Utility. Safeguards include: rates must not exceed Xcel’s rates at time of start up, and the process will move forward only if rates and reliability requirements can be met. In addition, this measure includes plans for increased renewable energy sources and further reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.